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Welcome! Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to focus on you, your family, or a loved one. Let today be the start of a new journey toward a healthy mind and healthy life. Whether you are struggling with depression, anxiety, feelings of sadness, feelings of anger, relationship conflict, phase of life difficulty, death, divorce, marital discourse, or behavioral issues, I can help.  


My goal in the therapy room is to develop a relationship with you in which you are in the driver seat. I am there to support you, guide you, give advice when needed, and coach you on your path toward living the life you want to live. In an environment built on the foundation of empathy, trust and safety, I provide you with a uniquely tailored approach made specifically for you. We will have the unique opportunity to closely look at those items that may be inhibiting you from functioning at your best. With my help, we will look at the role of boundaries in your life. We will eliminate the unhealthy boundaries and create healthy boundaries so that you can be on the path toward the life you want to live. Make today the day that you choose to get on the healthy track and live the best life for you. I invite you to call or email me to discuss additional details regarding my services.

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