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What Daughters Need From Their Fathers


What Daughters Need From Their Fathers

Many times when we talk about parents and children we talk a lot about the importance of the connection between mothers and their children. The father’s role is minimized when it is as equally important as the mother’s. When it comes to raising young girls, men have an important and unique role in raising their daughters. I want to share with you 5 key principles that daughters need from their fathers:

1. Support her Choices and Encourage her Voice.

It is easy to support someone when their choices align with your own but the key to this is to have her feel supported when her choices don’t match yours. Support her on making decisions for herself, this will raise a confident young woman. Be open to engaging in activities with her that you may not like without shaming or insulting.

2. Love their Mother.

Your relationship with their mother is the example they set for themselves. Teach them what love should look like. Show them and share with them the good times and teach them how to appropriately handle the rough times. You are teaching them what love should look like in their life.

3. Celebrate their Unique Feminine Journey

Becoming a young woman is not easy. It is awkward. Talk with your daughters about changes in their body reminding them that they are beautiful and smart. Be open to talking about their emotions surrounding their menstruation cycle letting them know it is normal and nothing to bring shame to.

4. Keep Promises.

Being a father to a young girl you are naturally put on a pedestal. Do not take advantage of that. You are up there for a reason. A man to look up to, to trust, one who is safe. Do not say any promises that you are not willing to keep. If you break promises it will make them feel like they are not worthy, they are not important enough. If you make a promise, keep it, because they are worthy!

5. Be the Man you Want her to Marry One Day.

You may be the only man in your daughters life. She looks up to you and watches your every move. Be aware of how you interact in and out of the household, how you treat others and how you treat her. She is taking notes. She is telling herself how worthy she is of love and what that love should look like one day.

Men you are important in raising a healthy, confident, and love worthy daughter. You can have a huge impact on their life and can create a very unique relationship with your daughters. Your role is not easy. It is hard. But done right, it will be worth all the hardship, pain and struggle. After all, you want the best for your little girl!

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